The conference will take place at The Midland on Wednesday, Manchester Central on Thursday & Friday and Halle St Peters on Saturday.

Wednesday 11th October

Thursday 12th October

Friday 13th October

Saturday 14th October


Wednesday 11th October


Trafford Suite, The Midland Hotel

PANEL The Last Supper

Manchester’s rich musical heritage is a calling card throughout the world, but the most recent scene, that arguably made an impact worldwide was actually forty years ago. It’s time for a new dawn. Come along to the Last Supper where the stalwarts of that scene, the disciples of Madchester, share their wisdom, challenge the status quo and make way for the resurrection.

Expertly chaired by highly esteemed social commentator of the time Miranda Sawyer and featuring Rowetta, Clint Boon and Mike Pickering find out who they are touting as the next artists to set the world on fire on the eve of the inaugural Beyond the Music Conference in the classic Midland Hotel.

Miranda Sawyer


Thursday 12th October


Charter 1, Manchester Central

OPENING KEYNOTE Michael Adex & Keith Harris OBE

In Conversation: Where Are We Now?

Michael Adex (NQ)Keith Harris OBE


Charter 1, Manchester Central

ADDRESS The Value of Music

A rallying cry about the importance of realising the true worth of music in the new cultural economy.

Tom Gray (The Ivors Academy / Broken Record campaign)


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL S.O.S: Re-Thinking the Economics of Music

As the economic pressure on artists intensifies, and music struggles to define its value in the new cultural economy, can the industry find a solution?

As artists and songwriters protest about low payments from music streaming and AI remuneration; and the EU departure and cost-of-living crisis make touring more and more expensive, it’s becoming harder than ever for musicians to make a living from their music. So, how could artists make a living out of music? And what is the future of music if they can’t? What is the new cultural economy and what needs to change to reflect the value of music?

A panel of experts, from economists to influencers, debate alternatives to the current system and explore the common ground that could provide potential solutions.

Corey Johnson (Manager)Hannah Overton (Bella Figura)Vishal RamakrishnanMark SutherlandNadia Khan (CTRL Music )


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Artists & Revolution: What Should A Modern Music Company Look Like In 2023?

How can a modern music company best serve the artists they work for?

Record companies have dominated the business for decades, but artists now have more options than ever before. There has been a de-centralisation of power with the rise of self-governing stars showing you can now make it without a label, while technology, service deals, free-thinking management companies and entrepreneurs have opened up a world of possibilities.

Execs and artists grapple over the new landscape of opportunity, how labels should evolve to stay relevant and what the best option really is for artists…

Andy Musgrave (Supernature)Dan Chalmers (YouTube)Maria Torres (Mother)Ben Wynter (AIM / Power Up)Laura Harper


Charter 1, Manchester Central

KEYNOTE Rita Ora & Sarah Stennett

The relationship between artist and management is more important than ever. Legendary manager, lawyer and A&R executive Sarah Stennett, the founder and CEO of First Access Entertainment, has worked with Rita Ora since the start of the singer’s journey, overseeing her rise to international stardom. In this session, the duo discuss the triumphs and challenges they’ve dealt with along the way and give their unique insights into making it in the modern music business.

Rita OraSarah StennettCraig McLean



Independent Venue Week Launch

With IVW due to return from 29th January to 4th February 2024, full details of the event will be presented at a special launch party at Manchester’s inaugural Beyond The Music conference. Hosted by BBC Radio 6 Music’s Huw Stephens, it will be the first IVW launch outside of London. The identity of IVW’s 2024 Artist Ambassador will also be revealed. Open to all delegates the event includes drinks and networking.


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL #EndTheBurnout: The Music Industry’s Duty Of Care When It Comes To Artists’ Mental Health

The mental wellness of both artists and industry professionals often goes uncared for within the global music industry, and at present there is no collective action in place to tackle it.

Early symptoms and triggers of poor mental health can go unrecognised or ignored and there is a lack of established pathway and knowledge in order to genuinely support the issues. Most recently social burnout has become a concern. Yet we can all make this better for ourselves and for the future stars on stage and behind the scenes.

Artists and crew share their experiences and, alongside experts, explore solutions including a voluntary code of conduct.

Joe Hastings (Music Minds Matter)Elton Jackson (Sony)Steven Braines (HeSheThey)Claire Cordeaux (BAPAM)Billy LockettJoanne Croxford (Tour Manager)Denise Devenish (Singer & Counsellor)

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Charter 1, Manchester Central

ADDRESS Climate Rally Call with Louis VI

Louis VI


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Green Summit: Net Zero by 2050? Moving Forward Music’s Sustainability Revolution

Where are we now and how can we move forward? Following on from the launch of the Music Climate Pact in 2021 which has seen the recorded music sector come together to tackle the environmental concerns in today’s music industry, find out where signatories of the pact are today, what the next steps are and how we can expand the pact to the wider music industry. Experts share their findings and discuss a plan for music to be net zero by 2050.

Silvia Montello (AIM)Greg CochraneIan Stanton (Beggars)Anna Johnson (Anjuna Beats)Claire O'Neil (A Greener Future)Joel Gardner (EarthPercent)

In partnership with


Exchange 11, Manchester Central

PANEL Capital Punishment: Does the Future of the Music Business Lie Outside London?

For the first time in decades, iconic music companies are emerging outside the capital, and even major labels are launching northern outposts. This panel looks at those blazing a trail from the north and beyond, and the advantages of being based outside the music biz’s traditional epicentre.

Rupert Morrison (Drift)Caroline Elleray (Second Songs)DJ PauletteMark Orr (Lab Records)Mike WalshTaylor Haywood (PPL PRS)


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Breaking Bad: Is Britain’s Talent Pipeline Blocked?

The UK has always punched above its weight in music, with a fearsome reputation for producing global superstars, from The Beatles to Dua Lipa. But, with fewer and fewer opportunities for new artists to develop and become successful, are we losing our grip on talent development? Artists and industry experts analyse the changing media and marketing landscape, and discuss how to create better opportunities for new artists to break through…

Jamie Oborne (Dirty Hit)Sheema Siddiqi (TikTok)Roesh (BBC Music)Dev Sherlock (SXSW)Nxdia

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Low Four Studio

BPI Reception

Alongside appearing on the panel ‘Rage With the Machines: Taking Charge Of The AI Evolution’, the BPI will also be hosting a social at Low Four Studio, bringing together industry colleagues from across the UK. All delegates from Beyond the Music are invited to attend.


Friday 13th October


The Gallery, Manchester Central

MMF Brunch


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Creating A UK Parliament For the Music Industry

While it is a step in the right direction that the Government have recently committed to establishing an industry working group (composed of representatives and from across the music sector), to explore industry-led actions that support fair remuneration, there are many other areas, both domestically and internationally, in which political consensus and greater cooperation amongst stakeholders could yield positive outcomes for furthering industry development and success.

In this panel we consider the prospect of creating a UK Parliament for the Music Industry covering the below topics:

  • Foreign policy – how an assembly could help support UK artists target more external markets in order to prevent the UK from losing its global market share in the face of increasing competition. The panel will consider the creation of a Music Export Office and how that could underpin our solid copyright framework and overcome obstacles to trade deals.
  • Domestic policy – how an industry congress could incentivise music activity from across the UK on themes such as tax relief, diversity and with a special focus on what lessons could be gleamed from the burgeoning Music Boards of the North of England which are providing an innovative blueprint of greater coordination and connectivity at a local level.
Tom GrayNaomi Pohl (MU)Alice Fuller (Generator)Nathan Clark (West Yorkshire Culture Committee)Cath Hurley (Liverpool City Music Board)Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester)

In partnership with


Exchange 11, Manchester Central

PANEL The Evolution Of Independent Venues: Reinvigorating the UK’s Cultural Health?

According to 2023 research by the former Spotify economist Will Page, live music is booming…but mainly for the 1% of artists headlining stadiums and arenas.

So what about the rest of us? As we all know, many of the best gigs take place in smaller independent venues. And historically, these spaces have played a pivotal role as incubators of both emerging musical cultures and local scenes. They are key to the UK’s cultural health! But how can we ensure these maverick spaces remain viable in an era of TikTok and Instagram, while attracting new and diverse artists, risk takers, crew and audiences?

Sybil Bell (IVW/IVC)Christopher Torpey (Future Yard)Abbie McCarthy (BBC Introducing)Natalie Wardle (Loose Articles)Gavin Sharp (Band On The Wall)

In partnership with


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Black women in the music industry: In their own words

A discussion centring the experiences of Black women in the UK music industry – in their own words.

The under-representation of Black women in senior roles in the industry is a well-known and well-rehearsed subject, as is the poor experiences of Black female creatives and artists in music – are these phenomena due to racism or sexism, or is it “just business”?

A Black Music Coalition curated panel of female Black music professionals discuss their experiences of being Black women in the music industry and consider whether anything has changed for Black women since the black squares of 2020; do Black women yet have a seat at the proverbial table? And how can the industry ensure Black women are able to flourish to their full potential in this industry?

Sheryl Nwosu (BMC)Char Grant (BMC)Rainar GoeringAfryea Henry-Fontaine (Motown)Komali Scott-Jones (AWAL)LayFullstop

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Exchange 11, Manchester Central

PANEL House of Pain: Does UK Politics Place Enough Value On Music?

The UK music industry contributed £4 billion to the British economy in 2021, and music is one of our leading exports. And yet, unlike other countries, there is no export office and the industry gets little of the funding or governmental assistance enjoyed by other areas of the arts, and is overlooked by many MPs.

Music executives and politicians come together to work out what the sector really needs, and how to get it…

Lucy Powell MPTom Kiehl (UK Music)Jane Bonham-CarterGaikaJude RogersJames Frith


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Hip-Hop 50: Secrets Of Success – Celebrating The Women Behind Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is 50 years old this year with its official birthday on August 11 2023 – the celebrations will run throughout the 50th year. The music in both the USA and UK is rooted in Caribbean culture. The movement was started by Cindy Campbell with her Jamaican brother DJ-ing on sound system turntables for her back to school jam in New York. In the early years, many of the pioneers in the UK and USA have this as the foundation and UK artists believe Hip-Hop is older than 50. In the beginning and the golden era, the US and UK artists and DJs collaborated. Many women were behind the labels. Sadly many of the women from the early years, particularly black women, have not had the recognition and pay day of the early men.

Time to change that.

Karen Gabay (BBC)CookieBubblesOneDa


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL The Mayors’ (Live) Show: Metro Leaders Come Together To Change Visa Issues For Musicians

In recent years, the live sector has been beset by challenges: the pandemic, staff shortages, soaring costs and the threat to the grassroots circuit. And now the proposed increase in US visa costs and the continuing issues post-Brexit are jeopardising musicians’ ability to tour the world, build an audience and generate £billions in music exports. Andy Burnham gathers the metropolitan mayors together to lead the fightback, and make sure our world class live music scene remains a key part of Britain’s global influence.

Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester)Tracy Brabin (Mayor of West Yorkshire)Steve Rotheram (Mayor of the Liverpool City Region)Andy Corrigan (Visa La Visa)Jon Collins (LIVE)Rob Challice (Wasserman)

In partnership with


Exchange 11, Manchester Central

PANEL The AV Future is Here: SilverScape, SODA and Universal Pixels present the latest innovations in AV and explore new opportunities for the music industry

Simon Binns from SilverScape will introduce a stellar line up to showcase and discuss the latest developments in AV. Kicking off with Alasdair Swenson from MMU’s School of Digital Arts will set the scene, describing the emerging technology landscape and talk about the work SODA are doing and invite Future Media Production student Connie Gabriel to present her concept about giving a platform for grime and drill artists- bringing them into inaccessible ‘exclusive’ spaces through virtual production.

We’ll then hear from three technology pioneers and entrepreneurs who are leading the way with their own latest Virtual Production/ AR and Immersive Technology. Each will talk through their own innovations, the and the potential for the music industry to adopt these emerging and exciting new approaches.

Universal Pixels will share their own story – from providing LED screens for the largest stadium events for the music industry and how COVID shut down accelerated the emergence of Virtual Production studios for film making worldwide and come full circle with promos for artists like Chemical Brothers being shot in VP.

Kel Murray from Mixr will then moderate a panel discussion and Q&A.

Simon Binns (SilverScape)Alasdair Swenson (BA Future Media Production SODA, MMU)Connie Gabriel (BA Future Media Production SODA, MMU)Phil Mercer (Universal Pixels)Ed Jenkins (RIVAR)James Routley (Rocketmakers)Kel Murray (Mixr)

In partnership with


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Rage With the Machines: Taking Charge Of The AI Evolution

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence have shocked the creative world and beyond, with IP companies unleashing unregulated technology with little regard for the remuneration mechanism for creatives. As the industry tries to respond to change, what is being done to protect music’s copyright in the metaverse? Can we take charge of this new technology and use it to our advantage?

Global execs, entrepreneurs, and artists on the cutting edge explore the possibilities and discuss the creation of AI regulation and remuneration processes.

Sophie Jones (BPI)Rachel Lyske (DAACI)Denise Harris (Sum Vivas)Agnieszka Pustula (Redburn)Hazel Savage (Soundcloud)Liam Budd (Equity)


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Who’s Feeding the Grass Roots?

In the most economically successful year for live music since records began, venues and artists are faced with a collapsing grassroots music ecosystem; dozens of venue closures, hugely reduced tours, mounting costs and reduced income. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the talent pipeline is part of the success story of live music?

Gemma Vaughan (AO Arena)Gary Roden (Co-op Live)Danni Brownshill (SJM)Jane Beese (MIF / Factory International)Laura Kelly (Big Issue)Mark Davyd (MVT)

In partnership with


Charter 1, Manchester Central

PANEL Beyond Streaming: Future Planning For The Next Technology Revolution

Streaming may have revolutionised the music industry, but history teaches us few formats last forever. So, with NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse all jockeying for attention, TikTok altering the DNA of music production, and gaming involved at every level of the business, what’s the industry’s next move? Industry futurists take a look at what’s coming next and how the industry can future proof itself.

Sammy Andrews (Deviate Digital)Agnieszka Pustula (Redburn)Max Shand (Serenade)Aly Gillani (Bandcamp)Jon Vlassopulos (Napster)Vince Lynch (IV.AI)


Manchester Central

Speakers Corner: Private drinks reception for speakers and delegates

An opportunity to meet with speakers and delegates from the previous two day’s programme and discuss the topics, issues and solutions raised. Then it’s time for the music…


Saturday 14th October


Cutting Room Square, Hallé St Peter’s

Beyond The Music: Inspire

Beyond The Music will host an ‘Inspire’ day at The Hallé St Peter’s in Ancoats. A day of workshops and panels for everyone and anyone wanting to develop a career in the music industry; be it as artists, producers, managers, agents, label bosses or content creators. Attending Beyond The Music: Inspire is free but you will need to register in advance.

Topics to be covered will include an overview on how best to educate and prepare yourself for a career in the music industry, how to take your music from your bedroom to the world, how to use social media to develop your profile as artist, producer, manager or label and how visual content creation is key aspect of the modern music maker.

Inspire will be hosted by Sunny Winter. Sunny is known for his creative content discussing the Music Industry, Mental Health and Social Identity, as well as interviewing guests on stage and on screen. It is due to this reputation that he has been a guest on BBC News, as well as leading conversations at BBC Introducing Live, Latitude Festival, Wild Paths Festival, Truck Festival and guest lecturing at Universities across the UK.

Supported by



PANEL The Talk: how to develop your career in the music and creative industries

An introduction to the day with an overview of what opportunities there are for developing your creative career in Greater Manchester. As a region with a rich cultural heritage of creativity, education and independence there has never been a better time to forge a career in the creative industries.

This is a chance to find out how, why and where you can learn, experience and shape the future of creativity in Greater Manchester, the UK and beyond…

Featuring speakers: Ian Johnson (Access Creative), Professor Kirsty Fairclough (SODA), Oliver Morris (UK Music), Ottilia Ordog (Beat Bazaar), Gary Briggs (Factory Academy), Pete Jenkinson (Futureworks) & more TBC.


PANEL The Social: developing your social media profiles as an artist, manger or label. With Katherine Cantwell, Heavenly Recordings

Katherine Cantwell is Heavenly Recordings online co-ordinator. She has been at the label for the past 10 years in a variety of different roles. Now, based in Manchester she solely manages the labels social media channels and works remotely. This workshop will look at how artists, managers and labels can maximise their online & social presence, how they can set themselves out as unique and original as the music they produce.

Katherine truly believes that pure magic, passion and an ear for good music is the key to Heavenly’s longevity. Most recently – Katherine has become an official line manager to an apprentice as part of the inaugural Amplify Scheme with AIM, Amazon Music and Women in CTRL. Heavenly Recordings alongside 7 independent record labels were successful in applying for the scheme, the first of its kind in 2023.


PANEL The Tech: Ableton present ‘From bedroom to studio to stage’ Presented by Simon Lyon, Martyn Walsh & more TBC

Featuring a panel of breakthrough Manchester artists, Martyn Walsh (Inspiral Carpets) and Simon Lyon (Ableton) will look at where it all starts, …with the music!

Taking you through the journey of song writing, collaborating and being a part of a music making community to how to be heard and seen in today’s busy digital music landscape. Joining Simon and Martyn will be two exciting new artists; Caitlin LM and Superlative; who will be talking about their creatine processes and playing some of their recent productions.

Martyn Walsh is the bass player from Manchester legends Inspiral Carpets. A remixer/producer as part of Rhythmikon, instigator and co- chair of the first Greater Manchester Music Review, creative industries specialist business advisor. Simon Lyon is a producer and Brand Manager for Ableton in the UK and Ireland. Working with artists, educators and music communities and trying to make music making, make sense!

There will also be an opportunity to try the new Ableton Push at beyond The Music Inspire. Experience the sensitivity and expressiveness of the pads, the robust jog wheel and the freedom of making music without a computer.


PANEL The Artists: a unique live session focusing on SODA students’ work

Maya Chowdhry ( is a multidisciplinary artist and MA Music and Sound Design student at School of Digital Arts (SODA) at Manchester Metropolitan University, who creates immersive and democratic experiences for audiences/participants, leaning into her past work in radio, audiowalks and live art. Maya’s talk will focus on her interactive sound experience Fathoming Fungal Frequencies that seeks to uncover the existence of a shared language between human and fungi.

Charlie Clark and Alex North, BA Future Media Production students at SODA, will introduce their project, Two Step. This Manchester-based events company, founded with crucial flash funding from MMU, aims to generate revenue through club nights. They plan to expand the brand by incorporating innovative elements such as advanced lighting, projection, laser tech, and visuals. Their ultimate goal is to transform Two Step into a versatile brand, utilising XR and Unreal Engine to revolutionise the visuals of DJ sets.

The session is hosted by Kadja Manninen, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship in the Digital Creative Industries at SODA.


The Money: How To Get Paid with PRS

Meet PRS for Music as they provide a session discussing all you need to know on how to get started in music – presenting the Get Paid Guide, a one-stop guide on the data required to get paid for your musical works. The Get Paid Guide is an educational tool created in partnership by PRS for Music, The Ivors Academy, the Music Publishers Association and the UK government. Presented By Stuart Belsham (PRS).

With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, Stuart is a key point of contact for songwriters, composers, and their representatives. He is responsible for raising a better awareness and understanding around PRS and MCPS, at the same time highlighting some of the ways in which music creators can generate an income whilst developing their career. More details TBA.


The performance: The Tulip Zither Band

The Tulip Zither band is a young people’s music ensemble, which was launched last year by Beat Bazaar due a demand and a keen interest in the instrument, that was noticed at Góbèfest, the international folk festival that takes place annually in Manchester.

The band is the UKs one and only Zither band featuring members aged 4-14 who meet every Saturday in Sharon Youth Centre in Old Trafford to practice on the ‘citera’, a unique Hungarian version of the instrument. There are 30 members in the group, including beginners, intermediate and advanced and the group is becoming more and more popular.

The group play a variety of folk songs from all over the Carpathian basin, some of which date back to the 14-15th century. Most of the songs they learn are part of Bartók and Kodàly collections.

More Information