It’s the perfect home for Beyond The Music, not just a fresh new music festival but a conference focussing on the future of the music industry.


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New York Times

There is hope and we felt it in Manchester... at what felt like the beginning of something incredibly special.

Clash could be the spark that sets the scene alight. Manchester is already a centre of creativity, but the extra push could see it become the centre of the musical universe again.

Hunger Magazine

We hear about these things in the newspapers, online and social media, but it’s always good to know that there are people actually doing something and having these conversations at that industry level.

BBC Radio 2

A Triumphant Festival Debut - Wandering through the vibrant streets of the Northern Quarter, we spent our time in Manchester like moths to a flame - flitting from one musical glow to the next.

Vocal Girls

It seems that at Beyond The Music, everyone wins, and Manchester is once again a city where we are beginning to see some important social changes in the music industry.

The Mancunion

Not only was it a celebration of grassroots talent; the festival’s aim to confront and discuss the ever-evolving challenges faced by and within the music industry is one that is necessary and hugely important.

Vocal Girls

A Sonic Revolution was the overall feeling among the sonic revellers who enjoyed three days of music and activism at Beyond The Music... this is the start, truly, of a new era of Greater Manchester music.


With a razor-sharp eye on artists making those initial steps and rumblings, Beyond The Music uses its inaugural year to highlight the artists set to seize 2024 and beyond.


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