Our Mission

Unifying the global music industry to deliver an international strategy for music.

As the music and content industry continues to shape and define global culture, it is also facing unprecedented and urgent challenges.

In response, Beyond The Music aims to explore, define and tackle those issues to shape the future of the music and content industry and turn the challenges into opportunities to overhaul and advance to shine a light on exciting new talent and groundbreaking artists from across the world.

Taking place in Manchester – the beating heart of the UK’s cultural enterprise and a city historically known for social change – Beyond The Music will create a global forum and live music festival, defining the music and content industry’s place in the new cultural economy by bringing together tech, AV, gaming, brands, and more to build a creative alliance for the future.

Beyond The Music is a place to gather artists, entrepreneurs, creatives and music and content industry professionals over the course of three days with funders, businesses and organisations in order to maximise impact and take solutions to scale whilst putting the spotlight back on live and new music discovery alongside world class artists.

The global annual event will seek to not only solve the issues being faced today but to produce innovative models for the future. In order to do this with meaningful effect Beyond The Music is set up as a co-operative – the first festival and conference to have integrated decision-making structure to create actions, and exist as more than just a talking shop. By participating in Beyond The Music, everyone will have a stake and a say.