• Member Groups bring forward motions to the annual BTM Congress in Manchester for members to vote on.
  • Member Groups elect a representative from the member group to sit on the board of governance.
  • The delegated duties for each member group are detailed in the ‘Terms of Reference’ including making appointments e.g ‘talent and content’ as well as ‘indies’ can appoint ambassadors.
  • The members are in control of the business so this means that big decisions such as ‘should we close the business down?’ would ultimately be a member decision.
  • Member groups are experts in their field and are able to bring forward decisions for standards across the sectors eg a charter for mental health and well-being.
  • Members will get to inform the experience eg should we expand into new districts/venues or even cities.
  • Manchester City Council (Leader Bev Craig)
  • Greater Manchester Mayor’s Office (Mayor Andy Burnham)
  • Manchester International Festival (Director John McGrath)
  • City Co (CEO Vaughan Allen)

*founding board members form the board of governance alongside the founding directors (Oli Wilson, Sarah Pearson), the founding Chair (Rose Marley, Co-operatives UK) and an elected representative from each member group.

The members make the decisions, the board acts on the members decisions and ensure that the organisation is well governed with sub committees including ‘Audit & Risk’.

When you join a co-op there is a great deal of opportunity for you to get involved and have a stake and a say by joining member groups and getting involved in decisions. But you can also, just turn up to the conference, participate and leave, its entirely up to you.

Yes, you are only enrolled as a member if you buy a full delegate pass. You can just buy tickets to attend the gigs.

No. The Co-op supermarket is the world’s first Co-op, set up in 1863 and the UKs biggest co-operative business but there are 7000 more co-ops in the UK in everything from housing and education through to sports clubs, venues and tech. Co-ops collectively bring £40billion to the UK economy and are a growing form of business as more people are looking to effect change and create a fairer society through the way they consume, work or are entertained. To find out more about co-ops visit understanding-co-ops.

There are two types of votes ‘A’ & ‘B’ which represent ‘audience’ and ‘business’, this is to ensure the right member groups are influencing the right decisions.

‘A’ votes are typically related to the experience of being a delegate at the conference eg voting for which artists perform in the future or the experience at venues. When an ‘A’ vote is cast the weighting of the vote is 75% to the delegate member group to ensure it is representative of the general attending members experience.

‘B’ votes are typically related to business and industry eg voting for motions and business standards. When a ‘B’ vote is cast the weighting of the vote is 75% to the business member groups to ensure it is representative of the general attending members experience.

Each year at the Beyond The Music Manchester event a congress will be formed in which motions are brough forward to vote on after a debate has taken place.

Chaired by the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, important issues will be brought to the conference to discuss on an industry wide basis.

All members are automatically invited to attend the annual congress event at Beyond The Music, in 2023 this will be held in The Midland Hotel across 11th – 14th October.

Yes. Sponsors are allocated full delegate passes in line with the sponsorship agreement. Sponsors are not allocated to any member groups other than the full delegate sponsorship.

If you are interested in sponsoring any element of Beyond The Music please contact the Directors to discuss.

The steering group is appointed by the board to work with the execs to deliver the conference. The current steering group includes Jane Beese (MIF ) Nelson (MIF) Lee Stanley (SharpFutures) Michael Adex (NQ) Mike Walsh.

The content advisory board is tasked with delivering ambassadors and great content to ensure the festival is at the cutting edge of content delivery and is appointed by the business member groups and currently includes Caroline Elleray.

The first artists ambassadors of Beyond The Music to be announced are New Order, who will be launching the festival at SXSW 2023.